(All times listed are in Eastern Time)

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Introduction (Co-Directors-PEM Fellows Conf.)
Susan Fuchs, MD & Charles Macias, MD, MPH

Emergency Medical Services for Children
Charles Macias, MD, MPH

American Academy of Pediatrics
Ronald Paul, MD
Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs & Advancement
University of Louisville School of Medicine 

12:30pm - 1:00pm 

Opening Plenary
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Joseph Wright, MD, MPH
University of Maryland Capital Region Health
University of Maryland Medical System

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Clinical Pathways-Group A (30 mins each-Two Sessions)

Administration/Operations: Jason Levy (Boston) & Rachel Stanley (Columbus)

Adult/ PEM & Community Peds: Jennifer Mitzman (Columbus) & Meta Carroll (Chicago)

Advocacy: Lenore Jarvis (Washington, DC) & Eric Fleeger (Boston) 

Disaster: Sarita Chung (Boston) & Brent Kaziny (Houston)

Education: Jason Woods (Denver) & Maya Iyer (Columbus)

Education/Social Media: Brad Sobolewski (Cincinnati) & Mohsen Saidinejad (Los Angeles) 

EMS/EMSC: Manish Shah( Houston) & Julie Leonard (Columbus)

Global Health: Heather Crouse (Houston) & Colleen Fant (Chicago)

Leadership/Advocacy: Steven Krug (Chicago) & Joelle Simpson (Washington, DC)

Quality Improvement: Raina Paul (Chicago) & Sandra Spencer (Columbus)

Research: Amy Drendel (Milwaukee) & Lise Nigrovic (Boston)

Research: Mark Neuman (Boston) & Prashant Mahajan (Ann Arbor)

Simulation: Marc Auerbach (New Haven) & Tehnaz Boyle (Boston)

Social Media: Christina Johns (Washington, DC), Julia Magana (Sacramento) & Mike Patrick (Columbus)

Ultrasound: Jennifer Marin (Pittsburgh) & Delia Gold (Columbus)

2:00pm – 2:30pm


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Clinical Pathways-Group B (30 minutes each-Two Sessions)

Advocacy: Lois Lee (Boston) & Leah Middelberg (Columbus)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Tiffani Johnson (Sacramento) & Jordee Wells (Columbus)

Education: Joshua Nagler (Boston) & Kristin Stukus (Columbus)

Education/Research: Martin Pusic (Boston) & Dan Schumacher (Cincinnati)

EMS: Susan Fuchs (Chicago) & Sylvia Owusu-Ansah (Pittsburgh)

EMS/Disaster: Deanna Dahl-Grove (Cleveland) & Nicolaus Glomb (San Francisco)

EMS/EMSC: Kathleen Adelgais (Denver) & Kate Remick (EIIC/ Austin)

Global Health: Michelle Niescierenko (Boston) & Megan Schultz (Milwaukee)

Informatics: Laura Rust (Columbus) & Charles Macias (Cleveland)

Research: Elizabeth Alpern (Chicago) & Dennis Durbin (Columbus)

Research: David Jaffe (Chicago) & David Schnadower (Cincinnati)

Sedation: Corrie Chumpitazi (Houston) & Carmen Sulton (Atlanta)

Ultrasound: Russ Horowitz (Chicago) & Aaron Kornblith (San Francisco)

Urgent Care: David Mathison (DC Area) & Haroon Shaukat (Washington, DC)

3:30pm – 4:00pm

Plenary: The Epidemic of Firearm Injuries in Children: Can We Bend the Curve?
Eric Fleegler, MD, MPH Boston Children’s Hospital
Lois Lee, MD, MPH Boston Children’s Hospital

Firearm injuries continue to be an epidemic among American children. More than 3,000 children die of firearm injuries annually, making firearms the second leading cause of death in children between ages 1 and 19. Research on firearm injuries in the United States has been impeded by Congressional legislation. Still some excellent research has been done using available statistics and advanced epidemiological methods. This Plenary will discuss the role of research in "bending the curve" of epidemic firearm morbidity and mortality in American Children.

(All times listed are in Eastern Time)
12:00pm - 12:30pm

Opening Plenary

The Power of Collaboration to Answer Important Questions 
Nate Kuppermann, MD, MPH 
University of California at Davis Medical Center Sacramento, CA

In this plenary, the speaker will explore the power of collaboration in research. By using personal vignettes, he will tell the story behind a decade of discovery (DKA, TBI, etc.). 
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Research Presentations 

To Be Assigned 
2:00pm - 2:30pm Break
2:30pm – 3:30pm 
Research Presentations (Continued) 

To Be Assigned 
3:30pm – 4:00pm 
Racism as a Public Health Crisis
Tiffani Johnson, MD, MSc University of California at Davis Medical Center Sacramento, CA 

This plenary will focus on understanding systemic racism, health disparities and health equity and how it fits into PEM/scholarship and systematic efforts to reduce bias. The speaker will discuss how they turned their passion into scholarly work. 
4:00pm - 4:15pm Closing Remarks
Susan Fuchs, MD and Charles Macias, MD, MPH