9:00 Welcome 
Mara L Becker, MD, MSCE
    Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) 
9:05 Brief Overview of the Pediatric Trials Network 
Kanecia Zimmerman, MD, MPH
9:15 INCLUDE Project Overview  
Melissa Parisi, MD, PhD
     Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)  
9:25 Clinical Overview: Clinical variability and Therapeutic Challenges in individuals with Down syndrome 
Priya Kishnani, MD
    Duke University Medical Center
9:40 Q & A – Open discussion 
Session Community Engagement and Readiness 
9:45 Community Advocacy Perspective: Working with Advocacy Partners to Advance Clinical Trials in Individuals with Down syndrome
Ashley Helsing
Adrian Forsythe
    National Down Syndrome Society
Tavrick Lawless
Jacob Murasko
Marla Murasko
Carol Nye
Sara Nye
10:05 Individual/Family Perspective: How Can We Engage Families Meaningfully for Current and Future Research? 
Michelle Pfeiffer
Matthew Schwab
Michelle Schwab
Emily Mondschein
    Gigi’s Playhouse 
10:25 DS Connect: Connecting Families to Research Opportunities that INCLUDEs Them
Sujata Bardhan, PhD
10:45 Moderated Q&A Session with stakeholders 
Maria Stanley, MD
      University of Wisconsin-Madison
Julie Hajewski
      University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sujata Bardhan, PhD 
Gigi's Playhouse
11:15-11:30 BREAK
Session Lessons Learned/ Best Practices from POP02 and PTN 
11:30 Lessons Learned/Best practices from the Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Safety Profile of Understudied Drugs
Administered to Children Per Standard of Care (POP) study 
Elena Soler, MPH
11:40 POP02 Down syndrome Cohort: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward
Kate Pawlowski
      Boston Children’s Hospital 
Jessica L. Van Bree, BS 
      University of Wisconsin-Madison 
12:10 Q & A – Open discussion 
Session Down syndrome Protocol and Future Considerations 
12:15 ADHD in children with Down syndrome 
Anna Esbensen, PhD
    Cincinnati Children’s 
12:35 Protocol Discussion: Guanfacine for Hyperactivity in Children with Down Syndrome (HYPEbeGONE_DS) 
Mara Becker, MD, MSCE 
12:55 Q&A and Feedback on the protocol 
Jenny Jackman    
    Mara Becker, MD, MSCE
Kylie Opel, JD   
Ravinder Anand
    The Emmes Company
1:15-1:30 Wrap up/adjourn – Next Steps
Mara Becker, MD, MSCE  

*BPCA=Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act; DCC = Data Coordinating Center; PTN= Pediatric Trials Network