(All times listed are in Eastern Time)

8:30 AM Sign on and Exhibits
8:55 AM Introduction and Welcome Remarks
Hubert Fernandez
Moderator: Marie Saint-Hilaire
9:00 AM Convention vs Innovation I: Telemedicine/Virtual Visits Should Now Be A Preferred Option For Following 
         Patients With PD After Diagnosis
Agree : Zoltan Mari

Disagree : Susan Fox
10:00 AM Convention vs Innovation II: Time To Abandon Clinician-Administered Scales As The Primary Outcome
          Measure Of Symptomatic And Disease Modifying Trials in Parkinson's Disease

Agree : Tiago Mestre

Disagree : Tanya Simuni
11:00 AM Break/Exhibits
Liana Rosenthal
11:30 AM Nature vs. Nurture ENCORE topic: Genetically-Targeted Trials And Not Immunotherapy-Based Trials Will
          Lead Us To Our First Successful Disease Modifying Therapy

Agree : Anne-Marie Willis

Disagree : Andrew Siderowf
12:30 PM Hope vs. Hype I: Istradefylline's "non-dopaminergic" Mechanism of Action Provides a Unique And Significant
           Advantages in PD Treatment

Agree : Peter LeWitt

Disagree : Michael Schwarzschild
1:30 PMBreak/Exhibits
2:00 PM Hope vs. Hype II: Closed Loop Technology Will Provide More Meaningful Improvement vs. Directional Leads
          In Deep Brain Stimulation

Agree : Helen Bronte-Stewart

Disagree : Aristide Merola
3:00 PMHow to Design A Clinical Trial in COVID-19 Times
Hubert Fernandez
(All times listed are in Pacific Time)
3:00 - 3:50 PM

Forum A: Specialists discuss IUT protocol consensus

Moderator: Juan Gonzalez Valez, MD, PhD (UCSF)

3:00 - 3:50 PM Forum B: Building a Patient Family Group for ATM
Moderator: Sandra Gilbert, PhD (Cooley's Anemia Foundation)

4:00 PM

Welcome and overview - Day 2

Tippi C. MacKenzie, MD (UCSF)

4:05 PM Family Experience 2
Conversations with families living lives affected by ATM
4:30 PMPostnatal therapies for ATM
Moderator: Vip Viprakasit, MD, DPhil

Postnatal transfusion protocols
Elliot Vichinsky, MD Ashutosh Lal, MD (UCSF)

Postnatal hematopoetic stem cell transplantation
Alexis Thompson, MD, MPH (Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine)

Transfusion and transplantation in Thailand
Vip Viprakasit, MD, PhD (Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University)
5:05 PM Live panel: Interdisciplinary discussion regarding opportunities and challenges to providing postnatal care for ATM
Moderator: Vip Viprakasit, MD, DPhil
5:30 PM Thalassemia International Federation (TIF)
5:40 PM Live Panel: Discussion with families and providers
Moderator: Barbara Koenig, PhD, Director, UCSF Bioethics Program
Introduction by Craig Butler, Executive Director, Cooley's Anemia Foundation
6:25 PM Close Meeting
Tippi C. MacKenzie, MD (UCSF)