Cleveland Clinic Parkinson's Study Group
Watch Video Introduction and Welcome Remarks
Hubert Fernandez
Watch Video Convention vs Innovation I: Telemedicine/Virtual Visits Should Now Be A Preferred Option For Following 
         Patients With PD After Diagnosis
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Watch Video Convention vs Innovation II: Time To Abandon Clinician-Administered Scales As The Primary Outcome
          Measure Of Symptomatic And Disease Modifying Trials in Parkinson's Disease
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Watch Video Nature vs. Nurture ENCORE topic: Genetically-Targeted Trials And Not Immunotherapy-Based Trials Will
          Lead Us To Our First Successful Disease Modifying Therapy
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Watch Video Hope vs. Hype I: Istradefylline's "non-dopaminergic" Mechanism of Action Provides a Unique And Significant
           Advantages in PD Treatment
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Watch Video Hope vs. Hype II: Closed Loop Technology Will Provide More Meaningful Improvement vs. Directional Leads
          In Deep Brain Stimulation
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Watch Video How to Design A Clinical Trial in COVID-19 Times
Hubert Fernandez

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Watch Video Welcome Remarks
Michael Schwarzchild
Watch Video Enough vs More: Neuropsychological Testing is More Useful Than Genetic Testing In The Baseline PD Evaluation
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Watch Video Update on Genetics in Parkinson's Disease
Martha Nance
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Watch Video Progress in Behavioral And Non-Motor Therapies in PD
Gregory Pontone
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Watch Video New "On-Demand" Therapies For PD: Racing a Thoroughbred Horse, or Beating a Dead One? 
Fernando Pagan
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Watch Video Optional Non-CME Session:
The Most Promising Symptomatic Trials in PD
William Ondo
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